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First Officer Spock


New tablet, so here is a Spock quick sketch.

Goodnight Enterprise

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RP Log 7.25.2014

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RPers! Raise your hand if you have no fear in killing your own character.


Reblog this if you’re not afraid to let your character die. (Or possibly if you even enjoy killing them.)

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Just made this when I was in the middle of something less outstanding than space husbands cuddling. 

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Life Support is Not Optional


Jim was relieved to find more help, people scattering to get to stations helping Jim and Spock with the main computer who was humming and purring like a damn kitten. He looked over at the man who shouted about life support and he could practically feel the air getting slightly warmer. He blew out a sigh tapping and pressing buttons to try and get everything else online. They needed to get the hell out of here and get away from that stellar nursery before it gave out another burst of energy.

He looked over at Spock licking his lower lip and nodded his brows furrowing, “Well we better get the hell out of here. I’ll head over to the auxiliary control.” He stated getting up and looking down at his tricorder getting a clear path to the auxiliary control which was not too far from here. Shit he didn’t want to leave because something was going to happen he would be able to help. Jim sucked in a breath clapping Spock on the shoulder and raced to the auxiliary control.

The auxiliary control is basically a control center for the bridge and the main engineer room. It was a large keyboard like structure and Jim sat in the chair seeing the blinking light. Jim quickly went to working thanking God that he knew how to work this thing. All those ‘unnecessary classes’ finally paid off. Take that Admirals. He quickly went to work hearing the ship thrum to life and a screen appeared ready for Jim to pilot. “Ready when you are Spock.” He murmured softly a smile on his face.

It was simple, the lights flickered on and Jim smirked getting ready pulling the ship slightly to the right as Spock readied the warp. Let’s get the hell out of here. He pressed down on the warp control and they were successfully about to warp out of here. The ship rumbled slight and he pulled them out getting a little shake to the ship when it steered right. They..they did it.


Spock kept an eye on the stellar nursery. He had no idea if his estimation was correct, but he did have faith that Jim would get Enterprise out of the way. He had after all given his life to save the ship before, and he had no doubt that they would do that again in the future. It was in the nature of their duty to do so. The safety of the crew was the most important part of their mission surpassed only by the Prime Directive.

Once the ship was in motion, Spock and his team continued to work on increasing shield strength and maneuverability. One by one they returned Enterprise to normal, and then sent out automated drones to repair the hull damage caused by the energy blast.

“The ship will be completely operational in 20 hours, Captain,” Spock informed Kirk when he left the computer core and entered auxiliary control. “Bridge functions are back online, and you may return there. Mr. Sulu has been monitoring the situation from there. He commends your piloting skills.” 


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Cosmos is a Greek word for the order of the universe. It is, in a way, the opposite of Chaos. It implies the deep interconnectedness of all things. It conveys awe for the intricate and subtle way in which the universe is put together.

—Carl Sagan, Cosmos  (via wordsnquotes)
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Scars and Souls - Jim and Spock


He listened quietly knowing that Spock did indeed get the short end of the stick, multiple times he had heard people often insult Spock’s hybrid status and it boiled Jim to the core. God he hated it. He despised bullies and he knew them all too well. “Well..if you want my opinion, I am glad you joined StarFleet, you’re the best damn XO a Captain could ever have.” He stated leaning back on his chair with a lopsided grin. Spock had insecurities, hell so did he, but they could brush them off easily and they were the best team in the fleet. It was the truth.

”..In honest my mom never was there for me, I..I was jealous..of what you had, a mother…that loved you so much, at what you tell me she..truly did, and your dad..he loves you too. I can see it, he just maybe has a tough time saying it I don’t know..but I was jealous of you. My mother left when I was five, leaving us with my step-father Frank. He wasn’t…he wasn’t a good man. My mom never could look me in the eye without sobbing and going into her room..I never had anyone like you had, and I hated it. I hated it with a passion, but now..not so much, I am..over it now..” He trailed off with a sigh licking his lower lip.


Spock kept his own counsel about his feelings about Jim being jealous of his having his parents. He thought it was illogical, but then that was the nature of jealousy. It was a raw emotion to be avoided at all cost. He had been jealous as a child. Envying those around him—human or Vulcan—who did not have to chose to be one or the other. They were simply who they were when he had to be someone else.

What he did glean from this part of the conversation was worry for Sarek. He was alone now as were the majority of his people. Would their shared grief aide his father, or would it cripple him emotionally to where he would escape to the Kolinahr? Spock hoped that was not the case and that his older self would help Sarek while he was so far away. “It would seem that we have both done our best and found ourselves in the best situation, and thank you for the compliment. I am simply doing my job as your XO, Captain. No more or less than any other would do in my stead.” 


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