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First Officer Spock


"Oh fuck, he’s hot."

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Parenthood - McSpirk


Bones looked at San Francisco through the large window of their apartment. He was glad to be home. His life aboard the Enterprise was one he woudn’t change for the world, but even after the five year mission he was leary of space, of the ‘disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence’, as he had so elegantly put it years ago. The yearlong leave was like a soothing balm to his nerves, preparing him to face the next five year mission that was sure to come.

"Thank god for small mercies." He murmured, reaching for the mug of coffee gratefuly. He loved Saavik as if she were his own, of course he did, but he hadn’t actually realized just how much more energy Vulcan’s had until he started to help take care of the little girl. "It’s somethin’ that grows on you." He said in reply to Spock’s comment on being a parent.

The doctors eyes dimmed slightly at the mention of Joanna, but he gave the Vulcan a small shrug of his shoulders and quirk of the lips. “Hell, I won’t deny that it’s a bit painful, Spock. Sometimes I hear Saavik’s small footsteps and think when I turn around that I’ll see Jo.” His eyes brightened just a bit as he continued. “But trust me when I say it’ll never become to much. That little girl asleep in there is like a ray of sunshine in my life. If my happiness is as important to you as hers and Jim’s, then all I can ask is that you never tear her away from me, if somethin’, god forbid, doesn’t work out with the three of us…” He trailed off, taking a sip of coffee. “…if it just doesn’t work, you’ll still let me see her, won’t replace me in her life with someone else.” God, he hadn’t expected the conversation to get so deep, but at least he had got it all out into the open so they could move on. “Anyways, Jim should be back soon, hopefully he remembered the damn milk this time.”



The pain radiating from Leonard made Spock’s soul ache. To do such a thing to him would never occur to him. He was a Vulcan. Vulcans did not use their children as weapons should a marriage dissolve. Divorce was not unheard of among his people, but they were of course logical when it came to dissolution of a marriage. Children were precious to them—even before the end of their world—and they were not to be used as pawns. Although he could argue that childhood bondings were still used for political leverage even in this enlightened day.

“Leonard,” he said, setting his cup down and scooting closer on the sofa, taking the human’s warm hand in his own, while his free hand traced McCoy’s expressive brows. They were always fascinating to Spock more expressive than any Vulcan’s could be. Through their bond the pain was like a cold knife. “I would never do that to you. It is unthinkable. Saavik is part of you, and you are my family.”

Leaning still closer, he pressed his forehead against McCoy’s, and gazed into his eyes. They were filled with worry and pain, but they were still the most beautiful things. His eyes were of the Earth, shades of brown and green, filled with life where Jim’s were the color of the sky and sea. Spock loved their eyes.

“I have failed in relationships too. T’Pring tried to destroy me, but I did not let her. I was afraid to be with you two, but it was illogical. Fear is the worst emotional of all. It holds us back. It keeps us from learning to accept and care about another. You are mine. Saavik is ours, and nothing will be allowed to change that.” 



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Sooooo I’m tryin to create ST:TOS tarots… have to meke more pgs:P

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Meeting of Minds - Spock and Spock Prime


The slight smile the young Vulcan gave him spoke volumes. In it he recognized a small, but slightly altered, reflection of his own experiences…

"Captain… ?"

A flash of disbelief—

And then relief, joy —

Love —

"Jim… !"

He waved the memory away.

"Yes, I imagine Doctor McCoy is enjoying his professional burden considerably," he said dryly. "Please, sit down. I have made tea, should you desire it."

He left briefly to retrieve a tray and placed it on the table in the middle of the room. He sat down in one of the accompanying chairs and prepared the tea.

There was silence between them while he poured — the kind of peaceful silence that comes when you are in the presence of a person that you know you do not need to explain nor defend yourself to. He savored it while it lasted; there had been only one other person he had ever felt a similar sense of understanding with, but he —

By now he was not surprised that the subject still moved him. In the many years since Jim’s death, he thought he would be able to finally come to terms with his feelings; but his encounter with the younger Kirk in this universe had opened those wounds once again, and had shown him that those feelings were something that he would never be able to put away completely. 

He wishes to speak of it. He felt no animosity or defensiveness toward the young Spock, only understanding and interest. When it came to discussing matters of the heart, Sarek had always been, at best, coldly reserved. Indeed, had he been given the opportunity to discuss the matter with an older version of himself, he would have certainly done so. 

He did not know what his younger self had chosen to do; he only knew what he had done.

There is no logic in delaying the matter any further. 

"While I am honored that you should choose to visit me during your leave, I suspect that you did not come to my home on New Vulcan simply for rest and idle socializing." It was his turn for the shadow of a smile to cross his face. “Is it not correct that you wish to speak on a particular subject? It is the peculiar advantage of our situation that our similar experiences allow me to speculate, with a somewhat small margin of error, as to what preoccupies your mind.”


Spock found the décor of his counterpart’s home familiar yet like the city and planet itself, slightly off kilter. They were items he would have for himself in most cases, but there were a few that he did not see the beauty nor function of.

These little differences between them were to be cherished and protected not analyzed until they vanished. It was important for them to remain the same yet different. He could not let the elder’s path overshadow his own. To do that would erase who he was and who he would be. It was unthinkable, and Sarek had expressed worry about it when he’d told his father where he was going. But Spock knew to be cautious. If he had not rejected being Vulcan to become human while at Starfleet, he would not reject his life to copy the Ambassador.

“Jim told me of your meeting in the caves and what you said to him. He has kept what you shared in the mindmeld to himself of course.” He took a sip of his tea, unsurprisingly finding it exactly the way he liked. “Which I understand as it would be an invasion of your privacy for him to share or me to ask him to, and I do not wish to replicate your life. But he told me you said, ‘I have been and always shall be your friend.’ I have not been adept at making a friend of Jim, and it is troubling especially now.”

He had to set his tea down and walk toward the window. He felt suddenly horribly awkward, and it was more annoying than one of Dr. McCoy’s tirades. At the window, he breathed in the warm air and calmed his nerves as much as he could. “I have been in love before, or I thought I had been. I seem to have been mistaken for I have never felt anything similar to what I feel for James T. Kirk, and I have no idea what I should do about it.” 


( Paging Dr. Thredson )


The natural lighting cast into the room compared to the soft fluorescent his eyes were so recently accustomed to pulled Oliver’s reddened gaze from the scanning equipment. Immediately he brought a hand over his eyes to shield them from the lighting. Their continued sensitivity was unlike anything he’d ever experienced and in the back of his mind, he had to wonder just how long he’d been asleep.

‘300 years………?’

“What?” he huffed out, his face twisted with agitation at the fact that none of this was making any more sense than when he originally awoke. As he treaded over to the window, the disorientation and subtle weakness of his limbs was still fairly present and Oliver stumbled in urgency to reach the wide expanse of the window. The structures stretched out beyond were… foreign and his heavy brows contorted once more with confusion. For a moment, he had to wonder if he was dreaming…

A cold sensation crept beneath his skin as though he’d just been dumped into a tub of ice water only to break the surface into an alternate reality. There was a strange sort of fear he wasn’t accustomed to. It was the kind that prickled the dark hairs of his forearms and danced along the tiny, invisible strands at the back of his neck. Eyes wide, he stared in silence a moment to let the situation run its course “New Vulcan…No.” he shook his head. This wasn’t home… This wasn’t even Earth.

“I was… I was at home… I own a house on the outskirts of Wasabi County, for God sake!” This was madness. His gaze darted to Spock at his side who was currently peering out of the window and his eyes widened upon notice of the pointed curvature of Spock’s ears. Jolting backward in bewilderment, Oliver’s hand knocked down a steel medical tray, sending more unfamiliar instruments careening to the floor. He spun around, backing into the room. Vulnerability was uncommon for the doctor. Weakness. And right now he was powerless to control the level of shock he was experiencing. His gaze hardens, his eyes wild. “I’m afraid I don’t understand… If what you say is true, then where hell have I been for the past 300 years?”


“Your cyro-pod was found floating outside of the Ort cloud of Earth’s solar system,” said as he moved to pick up the fallen tray. The sound was so loud that it seemed to still be echoing through the quiet healing center. He had no doubt that it was heard throughout the floor. He crouched, picking up each piece and placing it carefully on the tray. The equipment would need to be cleaned before use, but he could not leave it on the floor. Someone could be injured.

“You seem to have been involved in two serious ship malfunctions.” Spock would have said that Thredson had bad luck, but even with all his time among humans he did not believe in luck. Unforeseen circumstance was not superstition. It was random chance. It was what was and nothing more. “One that led to your crash on Earth, and then the next that destroyed the rescue ship that came for you.”

He stood up and approached Thredson cautiously to avoid agitating him further. “You were a healer on Vulcan. I have found that out about you from the old records. You were altered to appear human, giving knowledge of human physiology and sent there with two others to observe. At the time Earth was not a warp capable society, so it was against our Prime Directive to openly contact them, but we did want to learn more about them.”

Spock sat against the edge of a counter and met Thredson’s dark gaze. “I can help you understand quicker with a mindmeld if you are agreeable to such a thing. I would never impose my thoughts on yours, but there are times when the spoken word is limiting.” 



occupancy: Solar corona, photographed by SOHO, 15th June 2014.

40 images, inverted, over 11 hours. 10 images per gif. 

Image credit: NASA/SOHO. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

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ancient vulcan spock. 

kirk fell in the parallel universe on account of transporter accident.

there was another spock who act on the primitive instinct.

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