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First Officer Spock
"Naw, I'd only use it at headquarters and we have a lot of alien stuff there." He nosed the controller so it rose up a bit more so he didn't have to look up so high. "How'd you do that so fast? You remind me of the Roasakes." Four days was too long. "How about just the diplomats and anyone new that's come on board since..." he thought. "Two weeks ago. Or someone that looks hinky?" He'd picked that word up from J and it fit.

"I am Vulcan. I am the Chief Science Officer of this ship, and astrophysics is my specialty. I am—" he paused looking at Frank and suddenly being reminded of a discussion he had with a human child years ago "—very good at math." 

He tapped on his PADD, calling up the new arrivals of the crew and the delegates. “We picked up six new crew members on Starbase 12 three weeks ago, and the delegates joined us 2 solar days ago.” Before walking out the door, he cast another glance at the alien dog. “What is hinky?” 

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Hot As FUCK ~ Jim

The first sentence is Shakespeare, but I am unfamiliar with the author of the second. 

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"Do you think you could just line them up and let me smell them?" Like that was going to happen. "This is going to take forever, there has to be a faster way. Z didn't say there were so many of you." No wonder Z had let him go so eagerly. "Thought you smelled different." He looked over the controls, then got on the cart and used his nose to push the controls. It moved with a jerk but he got the hang of it fast. "Not bad, mind if I take one home?"

"If it would not damage the timeline, I will consider letting you take one home. In truth I am quite curious about your agency. It sounds fascinating." Spock knew there were options to bring the crew into one place, but with so many of them it would still take a great deal of time. "Frank I am not certain it is possible for you to scan the entire crew and our guests within a reasonable amount of time. Judging by how long it took in Medbay, I estimate it will take you 4 days and 17 hours by which time your sense of smell may be compromised." 

"I asked K once what grass felt like once and he just looked at me." He tilted his head as Spock asked for someone to bring a cart. Not the most dignified way to get around but better than walking around this huge place. "You should have moving sidewalks, those are great." He watched as another tall human came hurrying up, carrying something. "That's what I'm going to get around on? Doesn't look like much." He sniffed at the man before shaking his head. "How many people are here?"

"There are 430 crewmen on Enterprise. The majority are human, but there are representatives from 20 Federation member worlds in the crew. I am the only Vulcan—although my mother was human." Spock moved over to the cart and made a few adjustments, lowering the control panel from where a humanoid could operate it down to wear the canine could reach. "I believe the controls are simply enough. You seem quite intelligent." 


Oh, on the Starship Enterprise
There’s someone who’s in Satan’s guise,

Whose devil’s ears and devil’s eyes
Could rip your heart from you!
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"Yeah, so? It's not like we use it a lot." He hated time traveling. "We're not coming here to blow you up, not like this guy." He gave Spock a dirty look. "Can you tell me what it's like to feel something?" Letting out a woof, he sat down as Spock looked over the list. "Figured that he couldn't hide his smell, even if he changes his shape. It's kind of like smelling wind." How the hell do you explain that? "Oh great, just what I need. Got any scooters I can ride? Ain't gonna get far otherwise."

"I am uncertain how to answer that question." Spock’s lips tightened as he considered what the MiB agent was telling him. "I believe we have conveyances in one of the labs that you can use. We have carts for transporting samples that you can more than likely operate." He tapped his computer and summoned his yeoman. "Please bring a LX-245 cart from the equipment locker, Yeoman. Mr. Frank will be driving it." 

"I was at headquarters when an alien tried to sneak past customs." He had to walk faster to keep up with Spock. "Think you could slow down, I got stubby little legs here." Gratefully, the tall alien did. "Our boss, Z, knew the alien was up to something but coulnd't figure out what. By the time we did, it was too late. All we had was the information on where/when it was going to hit, no pictures. We didn't even know its species. But I could smell it though, that's why I got sent."

"An alien with time travel abilities, which you also possess," Spock pointed out as they got comfortable in his office. "Scent alone will be difficult to work with. I do not suppose you can describe what you are smelling? Although that might not be helpful." He called up the roster of new crew, the delegates, and their staff, looking for anything out of the ordinary. 

"This is the interior of the Enterprise," he said calling up a holographic display of the ship. "We are here. As you can see, your stubby little legs have a great deal of walking to do." 

Bones surveyed Spock's face before shrugging noncommittally, "I'd just seen you sittin' absorbed in your PADD and wanted to know why." He inclined his head pointedly the object the Commander had now set on the tabletop, "But I suppose there were better ways of finding out 'sides snoopin' over your shoulder." Bones looked away from Spock's focused gaze and sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, "Sorry. And sorry for the uh," making a vague gesture with wiggling fingers to the half Vulcan's

"There were several options—chief among them would have been to simply ask me." He tilted his head to the side ever so slightly, watching as McCoy attempted to smooth things over. Spock was curious how far the man would go if he continued to ignore the activity. He found the gestures fascinating. "I would appreciate it if you did not do that to my ears in the future."

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Curiosity - Spock and Sarek


Sarek kept a decidedly blank expression, one that he always affected during such less-than-pleasant discussions, as Spock explained his unfortunately flawed reasoning. He set his PADD onto the nearby table to show that he was putting his full attention on the matter, however he also remained seated. He didn’t want the motion of standing to seem like an aggressive action.

"I am sure that you are well aware that there is an inherent difference between being allowed to roam the embassy grounds unsupervised and leaving them entirely without notifying anyone of this decision. I know that you understand this, Spock. Safety is of the utmost concern. On Vulcan I trusted you to be more than capable of taking care of yourself. The difference lies in that Vulcan is our home world. Earth, while a prominent member of the Federation, is still a potential danger in that it would be quite possible for you to become a target if someone was so inclined." Spock’s role as a child of an ambassador was always a potential for danger. It would be very easy to use his son to make threats against him. This was even before considering the fact that Spock was a hybrid. It sometimes made people uncomfortable if they had antiquated sensibilities. That however was not tonight’s topic.

"Those individuals who you cite as being allowed to enter the city have all followed proper protocol. They asked permission, stated their reasons and check in with the embassy at regular intervals. Even in these cases they are sometimes escorted for their safety. If you have reason to believe that they have not followed protocol, then the situation would then be a matter within their own families." He continued even though he knew that Spock would take offense at his next point even if it needed to be said. "There is also the matter of behavior. As my son it is important that you do not take part in situations that are unseemly. Such displays are easily used as evidence to discredit both myself and whatever issue I am debating even if it is an illogical argument."


“The others had passes that are good for weeks at a time. I have never been given one, nor have I been allowed to request one. Tonight is the first time I have ever left the Embassy alone. Earth is not a dangerous world. It is the center of the Federation. I am half-human. Should I not be permitted to learn of my mother’s people?” He knew it was a losing battle. Getting caught was the biggest mistake he had made in years. Sarek would have him watched constantly from now on. There would be no freedom within or outside of the compound.

“I cannot live like this. I feel like a prisoner. I request that you return me to Vulcan. I have no purpose here neither do I have a future in this place.” He tightened his hands behind his back until he was afraid that he would break one of his fingers while he tried control his anger. “You are under the impression that I am in danger on Earth.

“I recognize that you are displeased that I went into the city without your permission, but I must ask you this, Father—would you have given me said permission if I had asked?” He doubted that very much. Spock realized that he should have waited for his mother to be home before going on his adventure. She would have listened to him. He wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t feel like a prisoner as well. 


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