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First Officer Spock





Apparently this is "The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken."

why isnt everyone getting so excited about this, it is literally another planet look at how beautiful it is stop what your doing and look at how alien like this planet is what is living there oh my god mercury

so amazing

I feel obligated to point out that this is not the “clearest” photo of Mercury ever taken, but it is one of the most detailed. The colors have been added to enhance certain geological and chemical features of Mercury’s surface, but this does not represent what Mercury would look like to the human eye.

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001. what they smell like: Spock smells faintly of tea, black tea, which is the scent of the soap he uses.

002. how they sleep: When Spock does sleep, he sleeps well. He is seldom troubled by nightmares. He also meditates to rest his mind and body, finding his center.

003. what music they enjoy: Spock enjoys classical Vulcan music and Earth music of several varieties. 

004. how much time they spend getting ready every morning: Spock spends exactly 28 minutes preparing for his duty shifts. During that time he showers, shaves, grooms his hair and dresses..

005. their favorite thing to collect: Sheet music from the 20th century and books that his mother was fond of.

006. left or right-handed: Left

007. favorite sport: Spock enjoys hiking and exploring. 

008. favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: Spock does not do ‘touristy’ things. He does visit museums and explore historical sites.

009. favorite kind of weather: Summer

010. a weird/obscure fear they have: Fear is unacceptable. 

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Twin Verse: Right Foot Red




Online Twister Spinner

Spock had to fight the urge to laugh when he stepped into the recreation room and saw his twin standing over the Twister display. Selek had explained his reasoning behind their playing the popular game, however the reality of it was still amusing to the Vulcan. He stood opposite his brother and placed his right foot on a red dot. 

"That does seem to be the best strategy." He agreed, watching his twin affectionately. "At least I have the advantage of knowing an exceptional doctor if I am injured during our experiment." 


“You honor me with your faith in my abilities, Spock,” Selek said with a slight bow of his head. He stood at the edge of the lighted display on the floor waiting of the computer to tell him what his turn would be. “According to my patients the game can become quite vigorous as one is forced into more and more convoluted positions.”

“Left foot yellow,” the computer’s female voice announced.

Selek stood facing his twin as he placed his left foot on one of the many yellow circles. “This seems simple enough.” 


Spock and Dr. Selek


"It was just as much a surprise to me as it was for you." Spock assured him, the tiniest hint of a smile on his lips. A small display of affection that only his twin was allowed to see. "It was honestly one of the best decisions I have been made. I have not regretted a moment of my time serving on the Enterprise." 

The Vulcan’s fingers wrapped firmly around his twin’s. “I have missed you as well. More than words can say.” The moment alone with Selek was far too short before they were joined by other crew members, forcing him to break their contact. He looked forward to reaching his brother’s new quarters where every pair of eyes on the ship were not focused on them. “That would be helpful. Although the confusion could cause amusement for some.” He spoke softly, glancing to his brother. 

When the turbolift stopped, he stepped out with Selek. “I must apologise. I am afraid you are going to be quite the novelty on board.” 


Selek was fairly certain that most of the amusement of their being confused with each other would be with each other. He was looking forward to it. As children it was quite convenient to be able to be two places at once, although now if one counted the Ambassador, they could be in three—although he was not cure where he fit into that equation as the older Spock had no twin.

“It would not be the first time for either of us to be a curiosity,” he reminded his twin. They had been the focus of much attention when they were born and throughout their growing years. Part of the reason Selek had chosen to become a healer was to ensure that no other children had to endure what the two of them had at the hands of the curious and uncaring medical practitioners that poked and prodded at them.

He stopped before the door of his quarters, taking a moment to read his name and provisional rank etched onto the plastic. He recognized the pride that filled him and felt no shame for it. It was logical after all. “Please come in. I have some things for you in my bags, including some of our favorite tea.” 


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Humans, Am I Right? | Adam


"Most of them would." It was really the only reply he had about Kennex, pets were defensive about it if you called them that, but that’s exactly why he was an ass about it. He hated the blood that vitae corp had made, he missed the days he could drink from humans. But he had done well to behave himself and not take anymore life unless he absolutely couldn’t help it. 

"You’re of course welcome too, but in the less savory places I’m going I suggest you make yourself blend… no one will talk to us otherwise." Adam would know that of course, he just felt the need to reafirm te fact. "When you say the words ‘isn’t perfect’ I see myself roasting alive in the sun, you realize." 


“Don’t worry. I know how to blend in.” Adam gave a derisive snort and arched an eyebrow at his friend. He did think of Crosse that way. Mostly because Sable was one of the few vampires in their circle that he could always trust to tell him the truth. It might not be said in the most pleasant of ways, but it was the truth.

“I’ll go home, look for scruffy things in my closet, and I’ll be sure to snarl at everyone—just like you do.” That time he gave the other a smile. It was small, but it was genuine. “Why don’t we meet in the parking garage at sundown? We can take one of the company cars.”

He crossed over to Sable and put his hand on his shoulder. “I would never let that happen to a friend. Roasting is what will happen to the rogue when we find him. He’ll be chained on top of the building to wait for dawn.” 


Scars and Souls - Jim and Spock


Jim shook his head at that, “Sometimes you do beyond the call of duty, and I appreciate that. Not only are you my First Officer, but my friend.” He told him with a quick grin leaning back on his seat. It was nice, to have this with Spock. Their relationship was always a rocky one in the beginning but now? They were the greatest team on the Fleet. Spock Prime talked about them having an amazing friendship, and Jim finally was able to experience it. He was very happy about that.

He blew out a gentle sigh rubbing his cheek, “This one..this one is from my brother, well it was kind of my fault in the first place.” Jim hummed pointing to the small thin scar on his chin. “We were fooling around, my uncle had bought him a knife for his birthday and he wanted to try it out. It was one of those throwing knives sort of thing and I was completely jealous. So we were tossing that thing in the backyard, hitting this tree. I really wanted to try it out but Sam, my brother wouldn’t let me. So..finally I ran to the tree after he threw it and tried to pull it out, but my brother was there as well and we were fighting. He let go and the knife scraped my cheek.” He chuckled and shook his head. “Pretty stupid huh?


“You were a child. It is logical to assume that you did not always make the right decision—especially while playing with your sibling. I am an only child. My…” he paused while trying to decide how much to share with Jim about such a private matter. “Conception was difficult. The merging of human and Vulcan DNA was not easy. My parents thought it best not to try a second time, or I should say a fifth time. I was not the first embryo, but I was the only one to survive through gestation.” There were other details, but he did not wish to share more with the Captain.

“I did not have a sibling, but I have many scars from childhood. None of them are very large.” The visible ones anyway. Spock decided that he was not comfortable with going over that territory, and he had already spoken about the discrimination he faced as an adult. There was no reason to ponder over his very painful childhood. “And now speaking of my going above and beyond my duties, I must go to the labs to check on my teams. There are 27 different experiments and surveys for me to monitor and file reports on. If you will excuse me, Captain.” 


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i actually drew this a few months ago and didn’t like it for some reason but I edited it a bit and now I kinda do so here u go

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im not even going to try to stop them this time

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//Working on a 370 page manuscript. Thank god I like the story. There’s nothing worse than editing something you don’t care for. 

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